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We are an advanced nutrition company with innovative solutions providing health benefits. We are passionate about providing healthiness and kindness to foods, beverages and environments. Research has shown how the right nutrition at the right time can help ensure health benefits.

By continuously researching and developing nutritional benefits, sensory experiences, exceptional tastes, innovative foods, we help to improve people health, wellness and life. We believe in the power of nutrition to ensure healthier and longer lives.


Be What You Eat. Healthy Is Beat.


Empowering healthier,
joyful and longer lives


Providing healthy nutritional
solutions supported by science

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We work to provide the best nutritional solutions to everyone at the right moment. We partner with your nutrition to better your health. Our areas of expertise range in a variety of markets and applications.




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Who we are

Our team and partners across the food, feed and pharma industry are bringing health and goodness where they belong: to your nutrition.

Domenico Centrone

Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur, expert in tech and social business. PhD in Industrial Engineering, Fulbright and Echoing Green Fellow.

Vito Emanuele Carofiglio

Founder & CTO

Innovation entrepreneur, skilled in transfer technology and tech process. PhD in Molecular Biology, Translational Medicine Living Lab and Dhitech fellow.

Vittorio Verdun

Business Advisor

Manager with international experience in business management. Background in brand marketing and retail, wholesale and online sales.

Orazio Alò

Operations Manager

Food and beverage expert with long experience as a consultant and outlet manager in luxury - five stars hotels.

Giuseppe Carella

Bio-process and product technician

Graduated in industrial and environmental biotechnology with a focus on agri-food transformation. Expert in fermentation processes and functional foods.

Giuseppina Lippolis

CFO Chief Financial Officer

Bachelor's degree in economics and management, advisor for PA, with experience in financial accounting and corporate performance measurement.

Dada Medico

CMO | Chief Marketing Manager

Creative copywriter, storytelling teacher, graduated in literature and specialised in copywriting and social media marketing and management.

Taila Semerano

Gelato maker

Graduated in business administration in Milan, she chose to return to Apulia to keep on the ice-cream family business. She loves studying, exploring and learning about every ingredient before composing a recipe.

Ercole Festa

Board Member

Siryo founder and venture partner, expert in finance, banking, extraordinary transactions and investments. Certified accountant and statutory auditor.

Paolo De Carlo

Legal Advisor

Civil lawyer specialized in commercial and corporate law in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. Partner of the law firm R&P Legal.

Carlo Giuseppe Rizzello

Scientific Advisor

Food biotechnologies developer and Professor of Food Microbiology
University of Bari, La Sapienza
University of Rome.

Alessandro Sannino

Scientific Advisor

Serial entrepreneur among which founder at Gelesis, Siryo founder and venture partner and Professor of Materials Science and Biotechnology - University of Salento.

Siryo S.p.A

Partner & Investor

University of Bari


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