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Celery – an advanced nutrition company specialized in innovative food solutions – signs an agreement for a capital increase that will enable the company to start the production and commercialization of the first products. The financing of the development plan is coming from Siryo SPA which is a specialized investor in the Human and Environment Health sector.

Following over 15 years of research activity by the team lead by Prof. Carlo Giuseppe Rizzello – professor of Food Microbiology at the Rome University “La Sapienza” – the collaboration with Celery has given rise to a pipeline of products aimed at offering technologically very advanced nutritional solutions.

Celery has patented an innovative fermentation process of vegetable matrices, able to generate a yogurt-like drink based on legumes and cereals, with organic labeling, gluten and lactose free, without sugars and fats. A fermented platform product, suitable in several formats (liquid, powder, creamy) and declinations (artisan and industrial ice cream, yogurt-like spoon and drink, shake, etc.). Starting from the fermentative process developed, the Company is working on a pipeline of very innovative products both in the food and biomedical fields, which will revolutionize the current offer in the sector, both from a functional and qualitative point of view.

The patented technological platform has been positively evaluated by Siryo Spa – an investor specialized in the field of disruptive technologies in the Human and Environment Health sector – which has supported the project since the company’s establishment, which took place in December 2019, with the contribution of a first financial round necessary for the development of the technology and the product pipeline.

“With the capital increase of 2.5 million euros, Celery will be able to strengthen the development of its business and in particular build the first production plant, support R&D activities and start marketing the first products (homemade ice cream, yogurt-like and shake) with the opening of some stores with its own brand, in line with the Business Plan 2022 – 2024.”

Domenico CentroneFondatore e CEO

“This operation lays the foundations for a future of great perspective and is part of a moment of important growth in the demand for healthy, sustainable and functional nutritional solutions. An event of great growth in value of the project of which we are really proud.”

Vito Emanuale CarofiglioFondatore e CTO

For Siryo, the operation represents a great opportunity to finance the development of a promising innovative start-up as part of a specific strategy, which aims to select innovative projects, related to technology transfer, which represent the excellence of the research sector of our country. Siryo is a new player in the risk investment sector at an early or intermediate stage of translational development, with a focus on disruptive technologies in the Human and Environment Health (ONE HEALTH) sector. The transaction was carried out by Siryo, through its holding company “Holding S1 SpA”, financing an important and structured development plan.

“Support for translational paths – explains Prof. Alessandro Sannino, President and scientific soul of the Siryo SpA Team – represents a strategic objective for society and for our territory, which certainly has the technological and financial tools, an interesting uniqueness of natural resources and today also the awareness of being able to play an important role in high-tech industrial development, not only at European level. There is much more money than good ideas, and Siryo wants to add a further piece to the path of enhancement, on the territory, of this scarce, precious resource and the result of the investment in training that many young people undertake with seriousness, competence and determination in the Southern European Research Centers.

We are convinced of the validity of the project, which has solid scientific bases and a team of excellence, which in addition to the two founders, Dr. Vito Emanuele Carofiglio and Ing. Domenico Centrone, avails himself of the precious collaboration of Prof. Carlo Giuseppe Rizzello and new strategic grafts with an incredible international managerial experience”.

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